About the Mereth Aderthad

When twenty years of the Sun had passed, Fingolfin King of the Noldor made a great feast; and it was held in the spring near to the pools of Ivrin, whence the swift river Narog rose, for there the lands were green and fair at the feet of the Mountains of Shadow that shielded them from the north. The joy of that feast was long remembered in later days of sorrow; and it was called Mereth Aderthad

In J. R. R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, king of the Elves newly arrived in Middle-earth inaugurates a new reign in a new land by holding a Feast of Reuniting, the Mereth Aderthad. Although The Silmarillion is dominated by contention, for this feast, all forgo their differences, and many people from many lands come together to enjoy each other's company and the splendor of the natural world around them.

Our Mereth Aderthad began in a similar spirit: to offer the opportunity for Tolkien fans, especially creators of Tolkien-based fanworks, to spend a week together in Vermont's beautiful Northeast Kingdom, conversing, learning, sharing, and enjoy the friendship of each other. We welcome all Tolkien fans to join us 14 through 22 July 2017 for part of all of the week.

The Inspiration for the Mereth Aderthad

The idea for the Mereth Aderthad came when Dawn and Bobby, two of the organizers of the event, moved to Vermont's Northeast Kingdom in the summer of 2016. They shared a lot of pictures of their new home during that time, and when two of Dawn's Wood-Elf friends joked about camping in her new backyard, and her longtime website comoderator suggested calling this theoretical gathering the Mereth Aderthad, then the idea of the Mereth Aderthad was born.

Over the next few weeks, enthusiasm gathered for the Mereth Aderthad, and the event transformed from a dream to a reality.

What the Event Will Look Like

The Mereth Aderthad is part holiday and part celebration of Tolkien fandom and fanworks. The event begins on July 15 with a kick-off gathering. The rest of the week will be more informal, as attendees holiday together and enjoy the Northeast Kingdom's mountains, rivers, forests, lakes, and beaches.

Our Mission

  • The Mereth Aderthad is open to all Tolkien fans. However, attendees should be aware that this is a fanworks-positive event. While you do not need to be a creator or consumer of fanworks to attend, openmindedness toward Tolkien-centric fanworks is a must.
  • The Mereth Aderthad is committed to inclusivity and accessibility. Please contact our organizers if you have any special needs and want to attend.
  • The organizers of the event are committed to keeping the Mereth Aderthad as low-cost as possible. Part of the beauty of the Northeast Kingdom is its remoteness, but that also complicates travel. Our hope is that anyone who can find their way to us can afford to attend for as much of the event as they would like to stay for.
  • We remember always the spirit of the Mereth Aderthad. Tolkien fandom has been contentious at points in its history, and many of us live in a politically divisive world. The Mereth Aderthad of The Silmarillion was a gathering of peace and recognition of commonality. The Mereth Aderthad and participation in it should be conducted in the spirit of finding common ground in our shared love of Tolkien.