Getting Here, Camping, & Lodging

Mae govannen, mellon-nin!

The Mereth Aderthad organizers have been busy this week taking the first steps to get our gathering this summer off of the ground. Bobby will tell you that, everywhere we've gone around the Northeast Kingdom this week, I've exclaimed at some point about its possible utility for the Mereth Aderthad. I even did this for a canoe trip I didn't even attend! So we are excited to see those of you able to attend this summer, to say the least.

We've had lots of updates on the site this week, so our inaugural e-newsletter will be longer than it probably will be most weeks as we start figuring out big questions like how to get here, and where to stay once you've arrived.

-RSVP: If you know you're attending, please RSVP. If it's likely but you're not 100% sure, please let us know through the Contact form. It will be helpful to know how many people to expect as soon as possible. If you need access to the attendee-only sections of the site to help in making the decision if you're going to attend, just use the Contact link on the site to let us know, and I'll get you set up with forum access. If you're ready to RSVP, you can do so here:

-Getting Here: We live in the middle of nowhere, which is part of why the Northeast Kingdom is so suitable as our Middle-earth this summer. But it does mean that it's a pain to get here. Information on trains, airports, and driving can be found here: If you've RSVPed, you'll have access to the forums to plan shared rides and lodging. If you can get yourself as far as an airport or train station but aren't sure how to get to the NEK from there, please don't assume it's impossible--use the Contact list, and we might be able to arrange a pick-up for you!

-Staying Here: Luckily, once you're here, finding a place to stay is much easier. If you'd like to camp on our land for free, you can find information about that here: If you like a few more creature comforts, a list of other lodging within a half-hour of Coventry/Newport (the main gathering places for the Mereth Aderthad) can be found here:

In the weeks to come, we'll be adding more points of interest and beginning the fun part of planning what exactly we want to do with our time here.

If you have questions, please let us know! And if a trip here would be possible except for that *one little thing*--whether a ride from the airport, an inexpensive place to stay, or an item needed to camp--please let us know. We may be able to work it out.

Best regards to all,