Planning Our Gathering

Greetings, all!

These past two weekends have made me really excited for our upcoming Mereth Aderthad: They have been absolutely stunning weather, and now that the trees finally have leaves, with scenery to match. This picture was taken the weekend before last, from the Newport bike path, about 15 minutes from our house:

I'm so excited for those of you able to join us in this beautiful corner of the universe we live in! :)

We're to the point now where we need to start thinking seriously about our schedule and what we want to do during the week we'll be together. Tonight, I created a new forum that is accessible both to attendees and registered members with unlocked accounts, for planning the schedule.

Currently, there are two topics in this forum. The first considers the kickoff event--namely whether we want to still have it. This event was planned with the original RSVP number of twenty-four attendees in mind; currently, I'm figuring we'll have about eight to ten. If you're attending (or think you might attend), I'd love to know your thoughts on this:

Next, I've added a list of possible things to do during the week. Please share your thoughts here, too, as to what you'd like to do, or other ideas I might have missed:

A parting thought: since the number of attendees is lower than last year's estimate suggested, that means Bobby and I will be far more able to help people with lodging and transportation, if needed. If you'd be here except for that one thing--please contact us and let us know what's holding you back. Our hands may be tied--or we may have an idea for how to get you here after all! Likewise, if you want advice on how best to get here or where to stay, we have lots of knowledge in those areas and are happy to help. Just use the contact link on the site or feel free to email me personally.

Hoping to see you in July,