Mereth Aderthad Is Almost Here!

Hi, everyone,

We're drawing very near to the Mereth Aderthad. Tourists in the Northeast Kingdom this week have been like fleas on the dog, but Bobby and I kayaked this afternoon off the crowded beach to a secluded clearing at the base of Mount Hor, set up a hammock, and had a couple peaceful hours to ourselves. It made me really excited to share our beautiful homeland with you all! (If we could figure out how to get all of us out there, it would be an amazing place to read stories or do something similarly nerdy.)

I've posted driving directions to my house and contact information for Bobby and me for those of you with Attendee status. If you are attending and I haven't given you attendee status for whatever reason, just let me know, and I'll grant you access.

Weather and What to Bring

Most people who live in the NEK will tell you that they endure nine months of winter/stick season for these three glorious months of summer. Our summers are generally AMAZING. Temperatures are usually in the mid-70s to low 80s F/24-28 C during the day. Nights, however, are cool: usually in the 50s F/13ish C. Humidity is generally low.

What to bring:

-a sweater or sweatshirt for the evenings
-bug repellent (we have a natural White Mountain repellent that we like and keep around the house in abundance, but if you have something that you like and know works for you, bring it--it's been a wet summer so far and the mosquitoes are awful)
-comfortable shoes
-comfortable, casual clothes (there is no place that is dressy or fancy in the Northeast Kingdom)
-a swimsuit and beach towel if you plan on getting in the lake and/or hot tub

I had originally asked people staying/camping with us to bring a bath towel, but that is not necessary. We will have more than enough.

If you can bring a foldable beach chair, please do!

And of course, bring anything you want to read or share as far as stories or art, games, books, movies, art supplies ... anything you need to be fannish! (I have a ton of art supplies that I'm happy to share, but if you want something specific and can bring it, do.)

Other Updates

Unfortunately, a few people have either canceled their RSVPs or were on the fence and confirmed that they won't be able to make it, so we'll have a smaller group than I originally estimated. But we will still have a rad time! :)

In light of that, I have not reserved the library room for Saturday. It's a bit of overkill for a small group, and also doesn't seem to make sense to not enjoy the gorgeous weather at this time of the year. We'll meet at my house; we have a big tent to set up. Bobby and I will provide lunch for everyone.

Speaking of food ... we'll be responsible for four meals and will have dates for those soon. Others have suggested potlucking the rest. If budgets allow, we can do some meals out if people want. Bobby and I are open to whatever!

On that note, those of you staying/camping with us are welcome to use our fridge/freezer and house to store anything you want to bring. Please remember that we're in the middle of the woods; no food can be kept outdoors because it can attract wildlife. We had a raccoon attack our chickens this week, and the next night, I lay in bed and listened to the coyotes caterwauling a short way from the house ... I'd rather not encourage these guys to come any closer than they already are! :)

Finally, if your RSVP status has changed, or if you were on the fence and haven't let me know if you're coming or not, please do as soon as you know for sure. Also, I've been receiving a lot of spam registrations recently and so haven't been approving accounts, but if you're a latecomer legitimately interested in attending, please just use the Contact link to send me a message, and I'll be happy to approve your account.

All the best,